Thursday, December 18, 2014

Rugs tutorial - Part 1 ~ Making the packages file & Tips for pre-editing ~

Hello everyone ! I got an ask from some people on how to make rugs/painting recolors so I'm making a tutorial for editing rugs.
I know there's already some tutorial about objects recolors but I didn't saw any of them talking about how to edit it so I'll be doing it and giving some tips I'm using for recoloring objects.

Here's what you need :
* Sims4Studio version or above
* A 2D editor who can load and save DDS file (Photoshop, gimp...)

I'll be using photoshop to edit the texture of the rugs.

Here's some tools of photoshop you'll use in this tutorial for the beginners (The tools should be similar in gimp or others program)

How to create the package file :

1. Open Sims4Studio, put a creator name if you still haven't put one, put the dot in object and click create recolor

2. Select the item you want to use, you can search for it if you know the name.
*I'll be using Nature Silhouettes rug so I wrote nature into the search box to find it easily

3. Click next
4. Give an original name to your file and save it at a place you'll remember.
*I created a folder for this tutorial where I'll put every file I'll create in.
5. It should open in catalog tab, Name your item
6. Change the description
7. Change the price
8. Click on texture tab

9. Go to texture, click export, name it and save it somewhere.

*Usually I name it as something like Original and either make a copy and edit it or when I save into the 2D program I'll save it to an other name, that way if I make a mistake I'll have the original there to restart.

Pre-editing the texture, Tips on what I'm doing before (You can skip to the next part, it's just to show you some tips I'm using while making recolors):

1. Open the DDS file you just exported into your 2D program. I'll be using photoshop but the others programs should be similars.
* My photoshop is french but I'll translate what I'm doing. I'm using photoshop CC 2014.
* If you click on the zoom tool you can click on fit screen to have the image bigger.

2. I'm using snap and guide to modify the rugs easily. Click on view and see if snap is actived and in snap to if something with guide is unabeled if not activate it.

3. Click on New guide and add either Horizontal or Vertical, you'll do it 2 times for each side. You can add them all now if you want. Put 0cm into the box.

4. I press on ctrl and put my cursor on the guide you can see and move it to the side of the rug by holding it. You can see on this picture that I moved the guide (Blue thing) just beside the rug top.

You can zoom easily by pressing alt and using the wheel button of the mice (middle button) and move up-down by using only the wheel and left-right by using ctrl + the wheel
* I do it for every side of the rug, by zooming very closely I put the guide the more close of the side of the rug
* Here's what it look when every guides are there, the blue lines are the 4 guide.

I find it easily to use guide cause this way the image/pattern you use will snap to the edge of the guide and you just have to resize or copy-paste again the pattern.

Usually after adding the guide, I save my file to the original name of the rug with PSD format. Like Nature Silhouettes.PSD for mine. 

This way it should save the guide into the file so if you use again this rug to make recolors you can just open this file and modify there and save it to an other name after you're done, in DDS format.

Part 2 : Here


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