Friday, March 20, 2015

Megapack Kpop

Hello everyone ~ Finally here's the Kpop pack I show a preview on my Tumblr some times ago. Sorry for taking so long, I decided to add more things than planned and it took more time than supposed because of it.

So into this pack you have some Pillows, Nails, Wall Stickers, Polaroid & Rugs. I tried to put different groups/singers into them so a group could be into the Pillows file but won't be into the rugs one or could be into most of them. Some of the groups are popular but others are pretty much unknown.

For the groups where some member left, like EXO or SNSD, the old members are probably not included cause I used new picture for them.

Pillows (For sofa) :

* 10 different Groups
(2NE1, AOA, Big Bang, Block B, EXO, Infinite, Lovelyz, Shinee, SNSD & VIXX)

* The back have the logo of the groups.

* Mesh by : ShinoKCR

* Groups separated into different files to choose

Preview link (On Flickr)

Download : Here

Rugs : 

* 14 Groups
(2AM, 2PM, 100%, A Pink, After School, Ailee, A-JAX, AOA, B.A.P, B1A4, Beast, Bestie, BTS, EXID)

Download : Here

Wall Stickers :
* 48 Groups/singers
(2NE1, 2PM, 4Minute, After School, APink, B.A.P, Beast, Big Bang, Block B, Boyfriend, Brown Eyed Girls, BTOB, C-Clown, Dal Shabet, Davichi, D-Unit, EXO, F(X), F.CUZ, Girl's Day, GOT7, Hello Venus, Hyuna, Infinite, Juniel, Ladies' Code, LC9, MBLAQ, Miss A, Nine Muses, Nu'est, Rania, Secret, Sistar, SNSD, Spica, Super Junior, Taemin, T-ARA, Tasty, Teen Top, Tiny G, ToHeart, U-Kiss, VIXX, Winner, Wonder Girls, ZEA)
* Album logo or group logo as stickers

Download :  Here

Polaroid :

* 5 set
(Group from : F(X), SNSD, EXO, Minx, Red Velvet, Lovelyz, Mamamoo, Fly To The Sky, 15&, Ailee, Boa, GOT7, JJCC, High4, Winner, Teen Top, U-Kiss, Shinee, Infinite)

* Mesh from : one-billion-pixels

Download : Here

Nails :

* 10 nails based from :
4Minute, B.A.P, B1A4, BTS, EXO, F(X), G.NA, Red Velvet, Super Junior & T-ARA

* Mesh from : NataliS

 (Picture fromSims4Studio cause I coudn't get good game picture)

Download :  Here

*If you want a recolor of any of them into a others group just ask me on my request/ask page*


  1. wow thanks alot.. i love kpop and this sims 4 cc items are rly good to have.. just asking do u take requests?? i was wondering can u make wall decor (pictures and so ) with groups like Twice, Gugudan, VIXX, GOT7, NU Est, BAP, Tahiti, B2ast, GFriend, Lovelyz,Jessica Jung, theyr my ultimate fav ones in kpop world atm:p

  2. i love this items. can you put BTS on wall stickers and polaroids too? T.T

  3. i had issues with it, it made me download like 20 of the same file so i deleted it, i really want the exo stuff but im scared i could get a virus.

  4. thanks a lot,i loved it sooo much,and i wanted to ask if you could make thing from twice and blackpink??(oh and i'm brazillian so i'm sorry if i typed anything wrong and i'm using my dad google account cuz im lazy,and i don't want to change the account)

  5. Hi I like VIXX and B.A.P staffs but I can't download it. It doesn't show the web where I can download it. Can you help me please?