Saturday, January 14, 2017

GOT7 Pack

Here's a GOT7 pack with a little bit of everything.
So I got a request on my Tumblr 1 or 2 weeks ago of doing some GOT7 content. I ended up making a bit of everything since I was free. 
A lot of the objects were done by me from scratch. It's the first time I do mesh for objects and I'm very happy with how it ended up looking. 

(Click on the image for bigger previews)  

For the clothes, there's 3 different I made. 
Adult only. Male & female for all. 

For the top left, the We're gonna FLY t-shirt.
2 colors.
You need the adult mesh here

Download We're gonna FLY T-Shirt here


The top right, the Hard Carry sweatshirt.
 5 colors.
Download it here


The bottom one have 4 colors.
Download it here


If you are a GOT7 fan you may recognize them. 
On your left here's a Sims 4 version of  GOT7 Flight Log : Turbulence Album.
On your right I made the a cd of pretty much every GOT7 album.
Mesh done by me for both.

Download Flight Log : Turbulence Album here
Download the CD here


A little bit of everything. 

On your left, I made 2 version of wall stickers, 
1st one have chibi image of GOT7 I found of google & the other one is image of got & members.
Download Chibi stickers here
Download GOT7 members version here


The painting on the right wall behind the beds have 40 different image 5 for each members and 5 for the groups. 
Download painting here


Now the pillows on the sofa. 
Mesh done by me for both. 
There's 2 version, a cylindar one & a normal pillows. Click on the image to see them better.  
The cylindar version have 3 colors. 
The normal one have 16 colors. 
Download the cylindar here
Download the normal here

*They were made for sofa but if you wanna use them in bed if you use the "bb.moveobjects" code then raise them up by using the "9" number and holding the "ALT" to move them at the right place you should be able to place them correctly on the bed."


There's 16 different colors for the Bed Blankets.
Again the mesh was done by me. 
They will not works on all beds. 
To use the bed, click on the bed itself and not on the blankets.
Download the Bed blankets here


Finally the rugs.
16 colors.
Download here

*If you wanna recolors any of my original mesh, do NOT include the mesh please ; Do NOT Re-Upload Any of my creations without asking me or claim them as yours !*


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