Sunday, June 21, 2015

Infinite Style - Mini Stud Earrings (Diamond)

It's been a long time isn't it ?
I had to reinstall completely my Windows so I coudn't make CC for a while but now I'm back.
I tried myself at making mesh, this is actually the first time I do anything mesh-related so It's not the best or anything else.
It's actually a modified EA mesh, modified a lot and redid the UV completely.
Like the name is saying this is a earrings based on this one

As an Inspirits, I wanted more Infinite related things in my game, specially earrings so i did this.

Here's the previews ~ (Click on it for bigger)

*The earrings texture look a little bit shiny inside the house if you look closely*

6 colors

Download :  here

*Want a recolor ? Message me here or on my tumblr. Have any problem with them ? Message me please*

*Do NOT Re-Upload Any of my creations without asking me or claim them as yours !*
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  1. Very cute! I'm always looking for good male accessories! Can you tell me where you got the hair for the man? I tired to find it on your site but I couldn't :( Thanks!

    1. Thanks you for liking them ! I think the male hair is from Kijiko ->